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SNIPEMASTER is currently ***UP***

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  • Lets you automatically place bids mere seconds before the end of an auction! 
    And it will do searches and return items for your inspection each morning!
    We have features like our
    AutoSniper and our PackSnipes that make us stand out from the competition!





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  • Manages your auctions - and saves up to NINETY percent of the manual hassles you currently go through!
  • Completely ELIMINATE any time spent on deadbeat bidders or multi-auction winners wanting a shipping discount (TAM does this automatically)
  • Let TotalAuctionManagement chase down your winners - WITHOUT effort from you!
  • Our customers are enjoying remarkable savings of time and money allowing them to run MANY more auctions without additional effort!
    Nothing remotely as powerful as TAM exists anywhere on the web!
    We provide the image hosting, and counters, all AUTOMATICALLY
  • TAM launched auctions now have a LINK so the viewer can see a GALLERY of ALL your auctions w/Images!
  • TAM can now interact with ViaKlix (Novus) and the PayPal IPN to clear your charge cards and PayPal auctions INSTANTLY while the customer is online! Your auctions are immediately marked as paid and ready to ship
    (more gateways to be added shortly)!



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